McVities Digestives to GO!

McVities have brought out a new range of ‘on the go’ products.


I love biscuits, these included. If I’m being honest I don’t see the point of these?

We often have a pack in the fridge – especially when my mum comes to stay. We’re dark chocolate fans.


I’ve never thought about them as a lunch snack option (to actually take out) I guess that’s why i don’t see the point in the packs.


If you usually pop a few biscuits in your child’s lunch, or even your own and prefer the ease of them being already packaged then you will definitely like them.


The boxes come contain 6 packets ad each packet contains 2 biscuits. Who can only eat 2? I wish I could! Maybe that’s a good use for them, portion control. If you only have a packet with 2 inside then you’ll only eat those 2 – unless you’re greedy like me and end up opening an other pack. oops.

A box contains 12 biscuits and costs around £1.60 and the normal packet 300g contains a couple more and is £1.50. prices depend on store and if there’s offers. (When posting They are currently £1 in Morrisons)


They taste amazing and if it’s lunch convenience or portion control (hide the other packs) then these are for you – If you just want a pack of biscuits I’d stick to the normal packs.


Until the next post,

Are and Pops.

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