Mum friends. What got me through these early years.

How to survive motherhood? The answer is simple – honest mum friends.

It may sound simple but the main thing that keeps me going are my mum friends.

When we moved to Wales 3 years ago I had no friends here and felt so alone. When I gave birth to Pops that didn’t change. I would have extra visits from my health visitor, I felt alone and anxious, constantly.

While I was pregnant I was stopped in the street by people from LOVE CAERPHILLY and after stopping and talking for a while she told me about the new baby group they were starting. I gave my name and number and forgot about it.

Not long after I gave birth I had a call about the baby group starting up and as I was busy and stressed I brushed it off.

I missed the first week but pushed myself to go the one after. The whole walk there I was scared and even as I got to the door I wasn’t sure I would go in – but I did.

That day I met some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, people I’m still friends with now – plus a couple more from later weeks.

Even after a hard day/week I can rely on them to be honest and supportive. Motherhood is hard, we all struggle and having friends that are open and honest about it make it so much easier to cope with when you’re having a bad day. It also makes celebrating the good days even better too!

If you don’t have mum friends, put yourself out there. Go to a group and make friends. Its hard to begin with but so worth it in the end.

Have mum friends but don’t feel that you could open up? Try them, you’d be surprised at how much love and support you can get back. Sometimes all it takes is one strong one to open up and you’ll find you can all talk openly.

If you have tried and still don’t feel supported then try to make some new mum friends that will!

Until the next post,

Are and Pops.

If you do feel alone and need someone to talk to you can always send me a message on any social media or leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

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