My baby, My comfort – Anxiety after having a baby.

I think most people would agree that they find comfort in their child but I think I’ve been masking my anxiety with pops over the past 2 years.


Over the past 2 years I could probably count on my hands the amount of times I’ve been out without pops or not been pushing a pram around and I think I’ve found a lot of comfort in being with her in public situations.


Most people wouldn’t think I was socially awkward or had massive anxiety about meeting new people because I usually over compensate by talking loads and trying to make lots of jokes. (Sound familiar?) and it’s not until recently when I was invited along to an event that I realised how much I have started to rely on Pops.


When I’m with her I find myself not worrying about what others think of me as a person, I’m usually too busy to think about it I guess. (maybe when Pops is having a tantrum but I think that’s different.)


I want to start pushing myself more and to be able to learn how to handle new situations and people… without talking loads of nonsense!


Do you have any tips? I’d love to hear them.


Until the next post,

Are and Pops.

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  1. Elizabeth
    January 21, 2017 / 8:50 pm

    I totally relate to this. My anxiety got a lot worse after my 4th baby, and I do use her as a bit of a human cuddle shield. She’s 9 months now and starting to get sleepy earlier in the evenings. Not looking forward to having to go out of an evening without my baby girl. Not sure I have any tips 😀 Thank you for sharing – sounds like you are doing a brave thing pushing yourself 🙂

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