My hospital experience – Should we talk about the good as well as the bad?

You never really hear about the good experiences within a hospital. It’s just expected? It is to some extent but with everything you get good and you get bad. People are always quick to complain and write about their negative experience but never the positive.

My hospital experience is a bit of both. There were times that I felt let down and I didn’t feel like I was given enough information, for whatever reason.. lack of staff? Too many patients? Who knows.

A big chunk, and probably the most important chunk however, was good. Very good, and something that I’ll never forget – The details maybe, but not the overall feeling it gives me.

I had a lovely midwife who put me at ease, made me feel strong and made the ‘labour’ perfect, better than I thought I wanted.

My birth didn’t turn out how I’d hoped but those hours are the ones I remember, that experience is what I want next time round (if I’m blessed with another).

After I had given birth to Pops my experience was okay, however, I felt let down with the lack of breastfeeding support that I was given and a little confused as to what was happening and what HAD happened during the birth. When I was moved from the C-section ward to the ‘normal’ one I felt so low. I had lost blood, a lot of it, and wasn’t at my best. The midwives felt more snappy/busy/stretched and I didn’t enjoy it. I left when I probably shouldn’t have at one day post section (and a pretty low blood count). Should I have stayed longer to recover? Yes. I just didn’t feel right there and did what was best for me and my baby.

Have you had a hospital experience? Good or bad, let us know!

Until the next post,

Are and Pops.

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