My ideal garden

I grew up living in a maisonette with a balcony so a garden was always something I wished to have when I was older and had my own home. Technically this isn’t our own home but for the time being it is and we have a garden. It’s not my ideal garden if I’m being honest but it does the job. 

What would my ideal garden look like? 

I love the ideal of growing our own fruit and veg and MM really wants his own allotment so in our ideal garden we would love an area of veg beds. I’d love to grow my own peas! Pops isn’t bad with eating vegetables but I’m sure she would love the idea of helping grow her own and then picking them ready to cook for dinner. 

You can’t have a garden without flowers, I’d love a mix of colourful wild flowers and lavender. Nothing too hard to look after as I have no green fingers. I’d still love it to look pretty though. It would be nice to be able to plant them with Pops too, I’m sure she’d love to get all muddy helping. 

At the moment our garden is fully decked and while I like the ease of it while the weather is nice it can be a nightmare in winter. It’s slippery and  dirty. I would love to have a gloriously green garden with amazing grass but the odds on that happening is slim. We live in Wales so rainfall is high and the very limited sun would mean our grass would probably always be mud. Artificial grass  is the perfect alternative. All the look and none of the hard work that goes into a grassy garden. Plus, we wouldn’t have to worry about killing bits of the grass when the garden furniture and Pops toys are out. 

Our garden shed is not only an eyesore but it’s pretty useless too. It’s not waterproof and takes up way too much of our garden. In my ideal garden I’d love a little out house, one that can be used for storage and also something we can use as a little office or games room. 

I’d love a little wooden house for Pops too, maybe even a tree house with rope ladder and swing! Plastic houses and garden toys do the job but wooden ones definitely look better. 

What would you put in your ideal garden? 

Until the next post,

Are and Pops. 

This post is in collaboration with grass direct. 

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