My toddler uses needing a wee to get out of doing things – the toddler that cried wee wee.

If Pop’s doesn’t want to do something she will use needing a wee to try and get out of it and has gone as far as to physically make herself wee to prove a point. I’m not sure what point? She’s in control? Probably.

My toddler uses needing a wee to get out of doing things

Pops has been dry in the day for a while now and honestly it’s been such a battle. She decided she wanted to use the potty (we had it in the room and she would just go and use it) she regressed when we went on holiday and then had a little break and then went back to going on it. That’s all normal apparently… the further into potty training she got the more she realised it got her what she wanted.

Not treat wise, we didn’t bribe her… We did stickers for a while but she stopped wanting them after a while.

What she realised was that if she decided she needed the potty/toilet  we would rush around and take her off so if she was bored shopping for example “wee wee” Quick. Drop everything and leave to find a potty.
On the bus “wee wee” jump off the bus, find somewhere she can go.
Bedtime “wee wee” mummy or daddy come up and sit her on the potty.

You get the gist, that so quickly turned into a way to get out of the things she didn’t like.

 Especially shopping and especially with daddy.

Pops is the toddler that cried wee wee. 

Night times are now so stressful because even thought she’s just brushed her teeth and been to the toilet she needs 50 more wees before getting in bed… then every 10 minutes until very late o’clock. Which of those are real though?  Which do I acknowledge? As bad as it sounds, none.

I feel terrible but the more I pander to her ‘wees’ the more she does it, it means she will probably take a long time to get dry in the night but what’s the other alternative? Seriously what is it? I’m all ears.
Have you ever had this problem or going through it now? Let me know in the comments.

Until the next post,

Are and Pops.

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  1. Sandy L Ralph
    March 31, 2017 / 4:33 pm

    one of my daughters did this a lot, but i soon learnt to ignore it and she tired of it in the end and i could tell by her body language when she really did need a wee

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