My top five Chritmas jumpers- womans and plus size ish.

My top five Christmas jumpers for the plus size woman.

I absolutely LOVE Christmas and all things Christmas including tacky jumpers and have way more than one person should!


The first jumper I’ve got on this list (no particular order – like the x factor) is this adorable one from ASDA. Polar bears kissing – you can’t get much cuter to be fair.

I love how it’s coming around the sides rather than all over the jumper.

Only £12 and currently in sizes 14-22 online (you may still be able to find other sizes in store still)


Want something with a bit more of a sparkle? This Christmas Pudding jumper from Next is so sweet (pun not intended) it’s got a lot going on but it doesn’t look too busy… If that makes sense? I like.

£26 and currently online in sizes 6-20 with a 2 week wait (worth checking in store though)


I bought MM a stag jumper a few years ago (I’ve forgot the name of the shop I got it) and they sold a matching kids one… which I also bought (before we had Pops, ha!) and I’ve not been able to find a woman’s one that goes well with it until now.  This Evans stag/reindeer jumper is so festive in a non tacky way but I ‘m not sure how I feel about the gems and it looks a bit short on the model.

£35 (pretty steep) and online in sizes 14/16 18/20 & 30/32 (broken record – check stores)


This ASDA jumper is by far the most tacky out of the lot. It looks as if someone chucked a bunch of Christmas confetti and it stuck onto the jumper – which I LOVE.

Only £12 and currently online in sizes 10-24 (am I the only one surprised this isn’t sold out?)


The last jumper on my list is from Boohoo and I can’t link you to the actual page because I think it’s sold out (I’m sorry) I bought it a week ago online at midnight in a sleepy should be sleeping not shopping moment (in a size 2 smaller than mine just because I had to have it)

It was £15 and came in sizes 8-14 (from what I remember) the sizes are actually pretty generous on this though, I ordered 2 sizes smaller and although it’s a bit snug i didn’t expect it to go over my arm let alone me.  (I’ll be wearing it next year ;))


Do you love Christmas jumpers?


Have you ever bought something in the wrong size because you love it so much?
Until the next post,

Are and Pops .

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  1. Jenna Richards
    December 17, 2016 / 5:04 am

    I keep seeing that Next Christmas Pudding jumper everywhere. I love that it’s got a bit of sparkle. Think that’s my fave but also love the polar bear one.

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