Our real Christmas tree tradition.

*We were sent the tree in return for a post.

On Pop’s first Christmas we got a real tree from our local garden centre. I still remember taking ages to choose one I liked and struggling to get the tree in the car (and being squished next to it the whole way home).

After Christmas, we kept hold of the trunk because I wanted to turn it into a decoration. I wanted this to be the start of our real Christmas tree tradition where on each child’s first Christmas we would have a real tree which we would then turn into an ornament for them to keep. 

This year is Baby R’s first Christmas so when The Christmas Forest got in touch about reviewing one of their real trees I was so excited. A real tree with none of the hassle of going to the garden centre (Don’t get me wrong I love it there but I don’t love the struggle of fitting a tree in the car, especially with two kids in tow!)

We were sent the 6ft tree and base and it took so much of the hard work out of it all. We did need to trim the tree which was a bit of a faff (for MM because he did it not me haha).

I’m really excited for Christmas this year and now our tree and decorations are up we’re well into the Christmas spirit. 

our real christmas tree tradition

I’ve had loads of compliments on the tree and It’s really grown on me (is that a pun?) At first I was being super fussy and didn’t like the gaps but the more I look at it the more I love it. If you’re picky then having someone choose your tree for you might be the best option. I would have spent ages looking for one I liked only to moan about it after so having it picked for me took that stress away. 

I’m looking forward to turning this tree into a decoration for R, I just hope it doesn’t take me as long to get it done as Pops’ one has. 

The tree we received is a 6ft Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree and costs £59. We also received the medium water holding stand £22, real Christmas trees like to drink a lot of water but you don’t find yourself having to keep topping the water levels up, you can, of course use your own base if you have one, and delivery was £22.

If you want to see how well it lasts then keep an eye on our Instagram as we’ll be sharing loads of pictures of it on there.

Until the next post, 

Are and Pops.

Thanks to the Christmas Forest for sending us the tree and base for the purpose of this review. All opinions and decoration skills are our own. 

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