Overweight and Pregnant – Tips on how to enjoy it.

Being overweight and pregnant is a difficult thing, whether it’s the struggle some people face trying to conceive, the increased chance of complications during pregnancy or the increased likelihood of needing assistance during birth. There are so many things to think and worry about.

During my pregnancy with R I really struggled with my anxiety and knowing the risks and knowing that there wasn’t much I could do to change them (obviously eating healthy and keeping active helps).

Being overweight and pregnant I also really struggled to enjoy being pregnant , the constant worry I was gaining to much or feeling like I didn’t even look pregnant. The constant looks of confusion. Is she pregnant or fat? Should I offer my seat? I actually walked past two women who were looking at me for a while and then one looked at the other and said “I can’t tell” obviously it could have been a coincidence but i’m not so sure.

My baby the eldest

I enjoyed the pregnancy for the most part but being big it was hard to fully enjoy my bump; to take weekly or monthly update pictures, wear maternity clothes that showed off my ‘bump’ or to even accept when people complimented me on how well I looked or how much I was showing. I remember always dismissing them and replying with ‘It’s probably all fat and food’. Let’s face it a lot probably was fat but there was also a baby growing in there.

Towards the end of my pregnancy I decided I wanted to enjoy my bump and pregnant body (even if it does make me pee all the time and get out of breath at the slightest of inclines). After suffering with the miscarriage I should be able to enjoy this time.

Have you been overweight and pregnant? Did you struggle with your body?

Here are some tips to enjoy your pregnancy if you are overweight;

  • Take the bump compliment – even if you don’t think you look pregnant that doesn’t mean other people can’t see you are.
  • Wear maternity clothes – they are designed to show off your bump and if you feel you look good you will feel good.
  • Take weekly update pictures – even if you don’t think you have a bump or that you’ve changed much they will be special to look back on.
  • Eat healthy and get walking – not only will it stop you gaining too much but it will also give you loads more energy.

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