Parenting Win Wednesday. 10/05/17

It’s so easy to dwell on the bad parts of the day, especially when you have kids. I wanted to make sure I took the time to remember the good parts. The parenting wins.


Whether you have one or 50 start making note of the little things that make you smile as a parent. Watching your little one be kind to someone else, having them clear up their toys without being asked or even not having to ask them more than once to put on their shoes.

They’re all  parenting wins!

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Our parenting wins this week… *POOP WARNING*

We woke up to the familiar sound of ‘ DADDYYYYY’ at silly o’clock, MM went in to see what had happened and there Pops was sitting on the potty. Pjs and pants down with poo in potty. WIN!

Pops was so indepentant and well behaved during the food festival and went on the tea cups all on her own (she never likes going on rides alone) WIN!


We took Pops for a little photoshoot with the bluebells on the mountain and she was so well behaved. She walked up hills and let us take pictures and had lots of fun playing with mud, leaves and sticks. We all did. WIN!

We went to the park to enjoy the sun and I got to see Pops take turns (with minimal asking) and try to make friends with big kids (always a joy to watch). She played nicely and was helpful with her cousin. WIN!

What are your weeks parenting highlights? (Small and big) Either let me know in the comments or link your post to the linky which is open until next Tuesday.


Enjoy your children and remember the  good moments!


Until the next post,

Are and Pops.

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