Peter Pan – Cardiff Panto staring The Hoff.

If you live in Cardiff or love David Hasslehoff then you’d know he’s starring in the Peter Pan Pantomime at The New Theatre amongst a bunch of other really talented people!

We went along to see the show, I was a bit worried at first because the showing was at 7pm (pops bedtime) so I wasn’t expecting her to enjoy it much- I was wrong.

The last time I went to a pantomime was probably in primary school and when you’re that age the comedy is completely lost on you, last night I got to appreciate it all, from Honey G jokes to mentioning some of The Hoffs most loved shows such as Knight Rider and Baywatch.

I thought the show was really good at keeping child friendly while having some adult only jokes, I did feel like some of the dances were a little ‘sexual’ it’s amazing how much of a prude I’ve become since having Pops. MM said the dancers were fine – can’t imagine why?

The composition of the music was done well to flow with the action on stage and keep the audience entertained. The music was a mix of original scores and popular songs which had everyone tapping their feet… not to forget the dazzling scenes and beautiful costumes.

I loved that Tinkerbell was on skates, it made it feel so fluid, plus Emma Prosser was amazing on them!
Mrs Smee played by Michael Doyle was hilarious and I was pleasantly surprised how well David Hasslehoff could sing, who would have known?

Mrs Smee comes up near the end and reads birthdays and some other bits so if you’re going for a special reason be sure to let someone know.

I’m not too sure if we’ve ever told Pops about the story of Peter Pan, she’s got the book somewhere but she’s never chosen to read it. She loves pirates though and was happy to see them and shout ah harrr … Until those pesky pirates … I won’t spoil the surprise.

Pops told us that Mimi the mermaid was her favourite and every time she came on stage she would get so excited.

Running time is 2h 15 minutes with an interval in between ( ice cream break) and there’s around 40 shows left, book tickets at The New Theatre.
They’re also taking donations at the end for great Ormand Street so be sure to take some change!

This was our first family panto and it was amazing, Pops is still talking about it the next day and keeps wanting me to read her the programme.
Until the next post,

Are and Pops.
We were invited along to see the show but all opinions are our own. All official photos were supplied by The New Theatre.

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