Plus size summer clothes essentials.

Nobody likes to overheat in the summer and when you are running round after kids it’s even more important to make sure you’re cool whilst looking and feeling your best. What are my 5 plus size summer clothes essentials?

Plus size summer clothes essentials #1 – Linen Trousers.

I usually live in jeans and this summer we’ve already had some pretty hot days and being stuck in tight jeans is so unbearable. I decided to step out of my comfort zone a little and wear some linen trousers. They are airy and cooling and make me feel so confident. I’ve felt recently that I want to dress a bit more put together rather than jeans and a t shirt and I feel linen trousers really smarten up a look without loosing the comfort.

Plus size summer clothes essentials #2 – Jumpsuit

I never thought I would be able to wear a jumpsuit being overweight. That’s one of those unwritten plus size rules that some random person decided isn’t it. I tried on a really cute stripe linen one in Next a month or so ago in the sale and I fell in love. It’s loose fitting and cropped so really comfy and cooling on warmer days.

Plus size summer clothes essentials #3 – Loose tops / Vests

I don’t like my arms so I don’t feel great wearing vests but if your worry is what other people will think then you need to ignore that! If vests are not your think then wearing loose tops that are more cotton in material rather than viscose will be so much better. They’re so much more comfortable to wear and not clingy.

Plus size summer clothes essentials #4 – Shorts / Cropped Trousers.

Unless i’m on holiday I tend to keep my legs hidden, mostly because I can’t be bothered to shave my legs all the time but this summer I’ve ventured into the land of cropped trousers and smarter looking shorts. It’s made such a difference just getting a bit of my legs out.

Plus size summer clothes essentials #5 – CONFIDENCE.

plus size summer clothes

The last and most important one. Nothing looks better on any shape or size then confidence. This summer even if you don’t change any of your usual clothes but you’re more confident with what you wear then you will feel and look better. Walking out the house with your arms or legs out even if you are overweight will not make people stop and stare or instantly faint at the sight of some skin! Wear what you’re most comfortable in and enjoy the summer whilst it’s here. If you’re in the UK it doesn’t last very long so make the most of it!

Stores that offer great plus size clothes –

ASOS Curves (up to size 32, not many items beyond a 28 though)
ASDA (up to size 28)
Bon Marche (up to size 28)
New Look (up to size 28)
Evans (up to size 32)
Simply Be (up to size 32)
Yours (up to size 36)
Forever 21 + (up to size 3xl)

What are your summer must haves? What are your favourite plus size stores?

Until the next post.

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