A little addition – We’re having a baby.

It’s taken me a while to announce my pregnancy on the blog, you’re not alone. A lot of family have only just found out too!

We found out on a family holiday to Butlins, the second from last day. We were trying, so I was really eager to test, I think I felt a bit different but I had no real reason to test so early other than I’m impatient.

This pregnancy has been so similar and so different in many ways to my pregnancy with Pops. I got the morning sickness I had with Pops but at the same time I’ve not had the same aversions to sweet smells / foods. Quite the opposite.

I have had the sweetest tooth this time round but as the pregnancy has progressed I’ve been all about the savoury and spice. I think I’m just all about the food in general… which isn’t great when you start the pregnancy overweight.

I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant and have just had my glucose tolerance test, a highlight of pregnancy eh? So far all tests have come back fine so I hope this is the same.

Pregnancy announcement

After seeing Milli Hill at the baby show last year I have felt so much more in control this time round, with Pops I just did as I was told and didn’t question anything but this time I’m asking why? And I’m putting how I feel first (unless its something that’s necessary for the babies health obviously).

Boy or Girl? We don’t know. We made the decision (well, I made it for us) to not find out. There’s not many times in life you can have this sort of surprise and I wanted to experience it… it’s funny because I actually hate surprises.

Baby brain has fully set in and my brain is like mashed potato, constantly. I will blame the sporadic posts on that (but if we’re being honest I’ve never been organised).

I’m looking for advice on becoming a family of four and how to make sure your first still gets their time. If you have any please let me know!

I’ll be posting more about Little Bear soon.

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

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