Prison Break: Sequel – First Impressions. Possible SPOILERS!

I LOVE PRISON BREAK! I’m not ashamed to say it.

I loved the first season which was so original to the fourth which was a little far fetched (but still amazing) so when I heard the rumors of a new series where SPOILER!! Michael didn’t die I was super excited (although a little worried)

I wasn’t sure how they would do it. If you’ve seen the end of season four you will know it wouldn’t be easy. (I’m sure they’ll tell us how it happened later in the series!)


Michael sends a message to T-bag (yep, hes back!) and he passes it onto Lincoln (who’s got himself into trouble since Michael died)

Lincoln wants to believe Michael is alive so bad. He takes the idea and runs with it, all the way to Sara who has now got a 10 ish year old and a new husband (cheek of her)

Sara doesn’t believe the idea but Lincoln finds proof (aka no body in coffin) and he begins the hunt.

We also get to see Sucre and a reformed C-Note (both excited at the news Michael may be alive) I’m excited to see more of the old characters we love (and hate – T-bag) as well as the new ones and how they will effect the story.

Although it is a pretty far fetched idea that Michael some how survived I wasn’t disappointed by the first episode. I’m so excited to see where they take the story – obviously it will have a prison break (although i think the characters are so good the show would hold its own away from actual prison story lines) … The real story starts once they break out.

How will Michael and Lincoln escape the war torn country without passports and on the run??

Are you watching the season? What do you think so far?

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  1. Cassie
    May 7, 2017 / 10:15 am

    I’m loving it but sad we haven’t seen more of sucre since the first ep.

    I watched it years back but couldn’t remember where I stopped. So knowing the new season was upon us, me and hubs had an epic sesh, cramming up to 4 episodes in a night on Netflix. We finished just in time for the new series. I’ve spent so much time with the cast tho I feel involved lol.

    I love wentworth Miller. Obvs I know it would never have worked between us as he’d be more likely to go for the hubs. As a human he is so inspiring and honest, down to earth and soulful. Check out his official Facebook page.

    I’m now eager to watch the other programs he’s been involved in. They also did a resurrection docu before the season began and in it, wentworth and Dominic said they started in something together in the past. Really would like to see it. I love watching favourite actors in different roles.

    • admin
      May 7, 2017 / 6:01 pm

      Ah it is such a shame he’s not been in since, i wonder if it was just a little nod to his character or if he’ll be back towards the end…
      HAHA I was so upset when i found out he was gay, not like that would make a huge difference on us getting together!
      They were in the DC super hero show, i think it’s called legends of tomorrow. I watched it and its really good, they are partners in crime on there too.x

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