Retro Gamer Gift Ideas!

I wouldn’t call myself a gamer but there are games I love to play and have loved playing since I was a child. Most of which were on N64 and Super NES and megadrive (Sonic, Mario, Zelda etc) If you’re like me or know someone that loves a retro game then this is the gift guide for you.


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Below you’ll find gifts for Mario, The legends of Zelda, Pac Man, Tetris, Space Invaders and Sonic the Hedgehog.


Mario –

This is such a cute little gift, It’s the perfect stocking filler or secret Santa gift for any Mario fan.

Is there anything more iconic then the Mario question blocks? This light up block even has the game sounds.

Ghosts that move when you’re not looking at them, it still creeps me out. This light is so cute and great for a gamer Halloween (or all year round if you don’t mind it moving when you look away.)

Who said ice cube trays were just to make ice? This could make little Mario chocolate shapes too.

Who doesn’t want to look like Mario and Luigi? Great last minute costume idea too.

I love playing Monopoly and can’t wait until Pops is old enough to play (although lets face it she’ll cheat). There’s so many of the themed ones I want to buy.

Who said Mario is just for boys and who said earrings are just for girls?


The Legend of Zelda –

Like the Mario Boo light this is battery operated so really easy to put anywhere and a great way to add a gamer touch to the room.

I’m not the best chess player but I know how it works. This set looks amazing and like its made out of metal.

“The Triforce has the power to grant the wish of whomever touches it” It consists of 3 separate triangles,the Triforces of power, wisdom and courage.

Who doesn’t need a cup of tea when they’re gaming?


Pac Man-

A Pac Man keyring that has sound! It’s super cute too.

This Keyring is a little more understated then the last one and is a bottle opener too. This would probably suits adults better.

Cookie cutters in Pac Man shapes…although I would use these to cut out sandwiches for Pops.

A colour changing glass, I’ve bought the mug for MM before (it’s still at my dads house) but this one reacts to cold.

A massive Pac Man face illuminating your room? Why not?!

Retro gamer t-shirts are a great option and there’s so many to choose from. I really liked how classic this one is.

Want to encourage the gamer in your life to use a coaster? Make them more fun.


Tetris –



This lamp is so good, you can move the pieces around and everything.

Heat change mug!

If you’re going to have to wear cufflinks you might aswell make them Tetris ones.

Space Invaders –

A lovely little stocking filler keyring.

Another heat reacting mug, can you tell I like mugs?

Wallet and cufflinks in the same gift.

Sonic the Hedgehog –

Did you like Sonic or Tails better?

I love these little Sonic heads. They’d make great little chocolates too.

I love Funkopop figures and keyrings, you can find almost all popular shows and game characters.

Retro Gamer Gift Ideas
Need somewhere to rest your control or remote? This is so cute.

Another themed Monopoly. I love it.

I love socks and much prefer ones with a bit of character.


I hope you found something you love or something perfect to buy your retro gamer. Let me know what your favourite game is in the comments and what your favourite thing I’ve listed is.


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Until the next post,

Are and Pops.

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