Save money on Christmas gifts

In my opinion Christmas is the best time of year, It’s way better than birthdays but it can be REALLY stressful too. The constant bombardment of adverts of the toys your kid should have and the guilt because you can’t afford it. If you are struggling this year with money or even if you feel like you want to shop second hand or more frugally then this is the post for you.

That being said, how can you save money on Christmas gifts?

Buy second hand

Car boot sales, Facebook Marketplace and charity shops are all great ways to get your hands on some amazing items at a fraction of the price. Not everything you buy from these places are used and by buying from charity shops not only are you saving yourself money you are also helping the charity shop out too. You could also use these places to declutter old toys etc.

While I think second hand shopping is a good idea and I love doing it I understand it’s not for everyone and there’s absolutely no judgement for those people wanting to spoil their kids at Christmas, especially if it’s the only time of year they can. As long as you shop within your means then why not?

Discount stores –

Places like Tk maxx, Home bargains and BM all sell popular items at a discounted price. Well worth checking in them and saving money on items you would find full price in other stores.

Set a realistic budget and STICK TO IT! –

So many people get themselves in debt over Christmas and spend the rest of the year getting out of it to only do it all over again the next year. Set yourself a budget and shop within your means. You can have an enjoyable Christmas without it having to cost a fortune. Try getting yourself a Christmas present diary (or even a notebook or piece of paper) where you can add the name of the person, your budget and the gift you bought so you can keep track of your spending.

Don’t buy for the sake of it –

Buy things the person will love and get use out of, there’s no point spending money on gifts just for the sake of it because it ends up being wasted. Ask what they want or need or get little bits you know they love and make a personalised hamper!

What do you do to save money on Christmas gifts?

Until the next post.

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If you want to go all out and can afford to then check out our gift guides for some inspiration.

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