Saving money on baby products.

I’ve seen so many different numbers when referring to how much a baby costs during its first year. From 1600 to 10000 everything adds up. 

Saving money on baby products

This time round I’ve managed to save a fair amount of money by reusing some of Pops bigger things, like the pram and cot. 

Not many people are in the position to keep hold of those sort of things though, due to space or even not expecting more kids. You may have even found that they didn’t store or age as well as you’d hoped too. 

One way you can be saving money on baby products is by using sites like – A site where people can upload deals that they have found online and in stores and share them with others. It’s so easy to use and navigate. Choose from one of the options in the menu or use the search bar if you’re after something specific. 

Not only can you find cheap deals but they also have sections for competitions, freebies (they have a bunch of baby ones but be careful when signing up to things) and vouchers on shops and restaurants.. perfect for meals out when you manage to find a baby sitter! 

There are so many baby related deals and discounts on the site but it’s important to remember they don’t stay around for long, especially if it’s low stock or places like amazon. Check back on the site often to ensure you get the newest and most up to date offers. It can also be the perfect way to find out when the sales are on. The deals are uploaded by members who have joined up so may not always work or have expired. It’s also important to remember that some of the deals are from places like eBay so while they’re cheap they are not necessarily ‘real’ products or tested with UK safety requirements in mind. 

Sign up and not only will you be able to get the offers, freebies, competitions and vouchers you’ll also be able to join the community and with the chats. You also get to earn points for things you do on the site which can be tuned into amazon vouchers. 

My favourite thing to use the site for is finding out when the sales are and when baby events start in the different stores. I’ve taken advantage of some of the nappy offers on at the moment too. 

What are you hoping to find for a bargain price? 

Until the next post,

Are and Pops. 


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