Should I throw a first birthday party?

Is a first birthday party worth it? Is it necessary? Will your baby remember it?

We made the decision to throw Pops a big party in a hall and invited her little toddler group friends and family from both sides and it was pretty stressful. Organising a theme, prepping food, sending invites etc etc. The day came and although I remember it fondly I also remember how much hard work it was and that is why I have decided not to throw one for R.

We are actually on holiday on R’s birthday but even if we wasn’t I decided we wasn’t having a party… Not because we love her any less but because we are enough. The four of us being together is enough for me, and her. She will be loved and happy and it will be stress free. Perfect.

If you are still debating whether you should or shouldn’t throw a first birthday party then carry on reading.

Reasons you SHOULD;

You deserve to celebrate being a parent for a whole year!

You get to see family and friends you don’t always get to see.

Your little one only gets one 1st birthday.

Priceless pictures.

Reasons you SHOULDN’T;

Your baby won’t remember or care.

You have enough to worry about.

There’s better things to spend the money on.

You’re probably not a pinterest mum even though you wish you were.

People say they are coming and then don’t which just puts you in a bad mood (even though you pretend it doesn’t)

Before you make the decision to throw a party make sure think about the reasons you should and shouldn’t so when you do decide, it’s for the right reasons.

Let me know if you have a positive experience or if you chose not to throw one at all and why.

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

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