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Summer is halfway through and it’s time to sort through the uniform seeing what fits, what’s usable next year and make your list of what you need to get for the new school year… then put it in a safe place and forget until a few days before they start back… If you’re anything like me. I’ve told myself i’m going to be more organised this summer and make sure the uniform is bought, labeled and organised ready for September to roll around. That’s where Stamptastic come to help.


What is Stamptastic?

A business set up by 2 mums to help make labelling kids clothes and accessories easier and less of a faff. A clear acrylic stamp personalised with the name of your child (you could even just use your family name so you can use for multiples) that you can use to stamp onto clothes and accessories using the oil based ink pad that lasts up to 2000 uses and 2 years if kept in the plastic bag between uses!

What are the benefits of using Stamptastic over iron on/ sewing / stickers?

Less time consuming. You don’t need to get the iron or the sewing kit out and spend ages faffing around getting them onto the clothes to then need to find a pen to label other things like shoes and pencil cases.

Less waste. Stickers are super easy and simple to use and do come in handy for some items but they don’t last that long after wears and washes and although it’s small its creating more and more plastic waste every time you need to replace them. I think it’s really important we switch to reusable items as much as we can.

What should you label with your Stamptastic stamp?

EVERYTHING. It’s amazing just how much kids lose things and even though you can get uniform for a lot cheaper nowadays it really does add up when you have to keep replacing it.

  • Shoes
  • Jumper / Cardigan (if school branded I would suggest labeling it in a few places and checking it every few months as these can go missing the most!)
  • Shirt / Polo
  • Socks / vest (on PE days they will get changed and these little bits can get lost easily)
  • Bag
  • Lunch boxes / Containers.
  • Stationery
  • Coats / Jackets.

Did I miss anything?

How to use your Stamptastic stamp?


It’s as simple as it seems. You lightly press the stamp into the ink and place it onto the thing you want to label, it’s really easy to line up with the clear acrylic block! I stamped it onto the tag in the coat but you can do it directly onto the material if there isn’t any tags. Press firmly and you’re done. I tried to wipe it just after I stamped it and it didn’t smudge at all but it might if you put to much ink on so be careful to only ink it lightly.


Want to win one to see for yourself? Check out our instagram post with the details!


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Until the next post.

We were sent the stamps and ink for the purpose of this post and giveaway.

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