Stikets Review.

There’s not much we can do to stop our kids losing things but there’s a way we can find them again, or at least try to. Label EVERYTHING. That means if another child ends up taking something home then it’s easy for the parent to see who’s it is and return it. We hope.

Stikets have a really good basic pack which contains 142 labels.

48 small iron on clothing

84 name stickers (36 mini, 24 small, 20 medium and 4 big)

8 shoe labels ( 4 pairs of shoes)

2 luggage tags.

The pack is fully personalisable including colours, picture, name and you can even add a telephone number. If you’re feeling brave you can even let your children design their own.

The website is really simple to use and you can order in 4 simple steps. I love how they send out the stickers, they are organised into little sections in a little folder. Perfect to keep them safe for when you need to use the rest. They look great quality and like they will last but only time will tell.


We have a giveaway up on Instagram to win your own basic pack from Stikets so head over and enter.


Are you ready for the kids to go back to school?


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Are and Pops.


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