Take That’s The Band Musical.

We’ve all had ‘the band’ we were madly in love with, for my big sister it was Take That and for me it was 5ive or Good Charlotte (although I wouldn’t really call GC a ‘boyband’)

“It’s 1992 and we meet five 16 year old girls for who ‘the band’ is everything.  Join us on this emotional rollercoaster as this group of girls who were once inseparable reunite after 25 years apart and try once more to fulfil their dream of meeting the boyband whose music became the soundtrack to their lives.”

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the show, I’m familiar with Take That songs as my sister was a big fan when we were younger but I was a bit young to really call myself one. I thought the show was incredible. The story is so familiar and something I’m sure we can all relate to. A group of friends, a love of a certain band and having to tape songs so you can listen to them again (maybe the young ones won’t know that pain)

Despite a technical hiccup during the performance, the show flowed well and had us all singing and clapping along during the happy times and tearing up at the more emotional moments. The show focuses more on how music makes such an impact on our lives and different songs can help us through things at different stages of our life.

If you are a fan of Take That you will love the addition of their music but if you’re not, you won’t be left feeling bored, the songs fit so well with the story and rather than being a show about Take That it’s more of a show about friendship, growing up and dealing with different issues that come up as we get older… all to a perfectly placed soundtrack of Take That’s old and more recent songs.

Take that The band Musical

I would highly recommend the show, it would make the perfect night out with your friends. We got a nice little surprise when Take That themselves came out at the end for a little song… although I don’t think that happens every night.


Who was your band growing up?

For more information on the cast, and upcoming tour dates and locations check out The Band Musical.

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Images sourced from The Band Musical website.

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