The 10 stationery items every home office needs.

Creating the perfect home office environment is definitely the fun part of working from home. I absolutely love having my own little space where I can go and work. It’s a complete work in progress and im constantly finding new inspirations and things to add. You always need to start with the basic essientials and work from there. 

Here are the 10 stationery items you need to invest in:

1. Paper and envelopes 

A healthy stock of quality printing paper is essential four those last-minute printouts, whether it’s an invoice for a new client or the kids’ science projects. A supply of envelopes in different colours and sizes will also come in handy. 

2. Document trays 

Even in this day and age of paperless working you’ll still have the odd paper bill that comes in or document to proof. Having one or more trays can help you sort the incoming from the outgoing and ensure they don’t get mixed up. 

3. Files and wallets 

The kind you choose will vary depending on your needs. Box files and wallets are great for lumping together all sorts of bits and pieces but have no real structure, so keep these for odds and ends or specific clients and projects. Lever arch files with dividers and poly pockets are crucial if you want to organise a series of jobs or stages of a job. While concertina files are a compact version of a filing cabinet to store things like invoices and receipts. 

4. Notebooks 

The nature of your work will dictate how many notebooks you need and what kind. At a minimum, you’ll need one workbook to act as a bullet journal, that helps you keep on top of to-do lists, meal plans, ideas, and meeting notes. You’ll also want to invest in a small desk pad that you can add tasks to throughout the day when they come up. 

5. Pens and highlighters 

It might not be groundbreaking, but pens are essential for everything from jotting down a quick idea to setting out your to-do list. Choose slick pens such as gel rollerballs that you aren’t going to have to spend ages scratching into your pad to get to work. A fountain pen is ideal if you need to sign the odd letter, while a marker is important for those who regularly post parcels. And don’t forget a range of coloured gel pens and highlighters to help when organising your work. You can assign a specific colour for deadlines, clients, family events or urgent tasks. 

6. Sticky notes 

Essential when you need to jot down everything from notes to urgent reminders. Get an array of different colours, shapes and sizes as they all have different uses. Small, rectangular tab-like sticky notes are great for marking pages in documents, books or files, for instance. 

7. Fasteners 

If you need to keep on top of several different projects, then a range of fasteners, from staplers to paper clips and bulldog clips, is essential to keep documents separate and ordered. 

8. Sticky tape and glue 

For those who regularly send mail, stock up on glue and Sellotape to secure any seals that insist on popping up or parcels that require a little extra security. 

9. Desk tidy 

All those little bits of stationery have a tendency to get lost on our desks – or just drive us crazy! A neat little desk organiser means they’ll stay in one place, and the more useful ones allow you to store letters and memos too so that they don’t get lost under piles. 

10. Desk calendar 

Sometimes we want to know all our upcoming appointments without having to open yet another window on our computer. A desk calendar lets you see everything important at a glance. Your coloured pens will prove invaluable here! 

Do you have any or all of these in your home office?



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