The benefits of a play tent – when toddlers need space.

If you have a toddler you’ll know that sometimes (not that often) they just want to be left alone and need space – Like us parents wish we could. A play tent/ wigwam is the perfect way they can get that.

There are so many benefits for them;

Imaginative play-

A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing, Pop’s can make a story from a baked bean and it’s a joy to watch. Were often pulling cushions and blankets and hiding under them from the crocodile from Peter Pan (her latest obsession) but that can get a bit messy. Imaginative play is so important to a child’s developmentĀ and its important to encourage it as much as possible.

When buying a play tent it doesn’t matter what the style because the whole purpose is to use their imagination, if your little one isn’t that good at imaginative play then you should help buy making up a game with them.

Prince/Princess castle

Hide and seek (it wont matter to them that you know where they are – try to prolong it by looking in the wrong place a few times)

Become more social –

A great way to encourage kids to share and be more social is to have something big that they can use at the same time. There will be enough space for a few little ones and using the imaginative play (from above) they can play together in harmony (we hope). As kids get older this will become much easier for them too.

A Safe space –

Like i said above, toddlers and older children enjoy their own space.

Have you ever told your little one off and watch them sulk off? Having their own little safe space to go to allows them to have that time to ‘whats the word’

If you’re going somewhere new and have the space to take the tent/ teepee along the familiarity is also really good for them.

Solo play-

They can also be a great source of solo play, a place they can be themselves and play with toys and puzzles by themselves with out feeling like they are being watched (although its important to still check in and keep an eye on them)

Ways to use your teepee or play tent;

Reading nook – String some battery powered lights round the poles (or add a torch for younger ones) a few books and lots of comfy cushions. Perfect little hide out for any book loving little one.

A place for naps –

encourage little ones to have a nap by letting them sleep in their teepee. Let them bring their favourite doll or teddy and make it a sleepover.

Picnic in the garden – This one is more for the summer months, Set up a really pretty little picnic and invite your little one along. The teepee will (hopefully) keeps the bugs away and keep the sun off you too!

There’s so many more!

There’s so many tutorials online how to make your own but if you’re anything like me (and struggle with crafts – plus WHO HAS THE TIME??) then head over to Big Game Hunters. They have a lovely range of unisex ones that any little one would love.

Until the next post,

Are and Pops.

This is a collaboration with Big game hunters.

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  1. hali kinson
    March 4, 2017 / 4:36 pm

    Great, i love the idea and benefits of a play tent

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