42 things to do this summer.

Pops has 42 days of summer holiday this year. 42 days left before she starts reception and full days. 

I want to try and make the most of the days but realistically if I leave it up to her and wing it we will spend most days in our PJs doing nothing, getting bored and restless and arguing with each other.

I have made a list of 42 things to do this summer but it’s more of a guide. Maybe put each one in a hat and get your little one to choose one out each morning for you to do? If you’re not a plan in advance type of person then that can be a great way to get out and do more.

42 things to do this summer

Here are 42 things to do this summer holiday to make sure your kids have fun and to keep yourself sane;

Movie marathon 

Bake cakes

Paint rocks

Picnic in the park

Glow stick party 

Afternoon tea 

Water balloon fight 

Finger painting 

Meet up with friends 

Go on an adventure 




Do science experiments 

Fly a kite 


Play park bingo 

Make friendship bracelets 

Pick and press flowers 

Go to the cinema 

Make a den

Camp in the garden 

Make and Have ice cream sundaes 

Treasure hunt 

Puppet show 

Trip to London 

Face painting 

Fruit picking 

42 things to do this summer

More things to do this summer;

Go to the beach

Arts and crafts 

Go to the splash pad

Chalk drawings on the pavement

Have a bbq

Do skipping 

Plant some flowers

Learn the words to a song 

Have a fashion show

Go shopping 

Bubbles bubbles bubbles 

Have a coffee date  

Feed the ducks 

And relax because you’ve made it!

42 things to do this summer

Live this summer in the moment and have fun whatever you end up doing. 

Until the next post,

Are and Pops. 

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