To my baby girl on your 3rd birthday

To my baby girl on your 3rd birthday,


Today you turn 3 years old and become a ‘preschooler’. You are entering a completely new stage of life, one that will bring so many new opportunities… and that scares me.

You are stubborn and too smart for your own good, you drive me mad and are always HUUUNGRYYYY! Guess what? I wouldn’t change a thing. You are loving and kind, smart, adventurous and all ours.

 You are SO loved by so many.

Some of my favourite adventures from this year ;

Exploring the Christmas Lush range and our many visits to the stores.

To my baby girl on your 3rd birthday

Strawberry picking (and mostly eating).

Camping in the smallest tent ever.

Geronimo festival.

Disney on ice

Trips to london just me and you.

Walks in the bluebell woods.

What I’m looking forward to this year;

Shopping for your school uniform.

First day of school.

Family holiday.

and lots and lots more adventures!

Until the next post,

Are and Pops.


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