Toddler won’t brush teeth

Encouraging kids to brush their teeth can be one of the hardest things to do as a parent. So what do you do when your toddler won’t brush teeth? It can be really simple.

Kids learn from what they see, it’s something we’re told constantly (or at least I am) and it always seems to be in a negative way. Swearing, arguing, attitude the list seems pretty endless sometimes.

I’m often reminded of myself when my stubborn 4 year old refuses to give in or talks back but is it all bad? NO, I don’t think so! They can learn good behavior too. Being polite and good music taste but how can this help with encouraging kids to brush?

What do you do when toddler won’t brush teeth? You brush your teeth┬átogether.

One way I found to encourage Pops to brush her teeth was for us both to do it together. We would take turns brushing each others teeth and then end with brushing our own while we danced around to make it fun. I think its really important to brush smaller kids teeth for them so letting them do yours too (even if you’re not going to bed just yet) is a nice way for them to feel included. I add the end bit where she can do her own because I don’t want her to stop wanting to brush them for herself. It doesn’t HAVE to include dancing but it does make it better!

Have you heard of the saying MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO? Use that to your advantage and get your monkey doing what you want by showing them how it’s done.

If you need some tips to keep you and your little one motivated then check out these 5 ways that can help.

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encouraging kids to brush toddler won't brush teeth

Has your little one picked up any good/bad habits from you or someone else close to them?

Do you have tips for encouraging kids to brush?

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