Top tips for The Baby Show.

A few tips for The Baby Show – If you’re going to attend here are a few things that may help.

Comfy shoes/ clothing

There are so many stalls and things to see at the baby show you’ll be walking all day. Comfy shoes are a must to survive. Keep in mind that the venue will be big and airy but also full of people so as the day goes on it will get warmer and warmer. You’ll regret wearing a big warm coat when your carrying it round everywhere.


Have a plan

Want to see some speakers? set an alarm or reminder on your phone. You’ll be surprised how quickly time flies while your walking around seeing everything. You can see the whole list of brands/companies online before the show so it might be worth marking down which are the most important and getting them out the way first. A really important thing to plan is travel – do you know how to get there? The last thing you need is to be stressed out before you even get there.


Don’t be afraid to test things and ask questions

The whole reason for the baby show is to show off their products and allow people to see it up close. They are there to answer questions and know when people are coming to buy for their baby they will want all the info possible.


Set yourself a budget and don’t feel pressured to buy

Its so easy to be drawn in by the speeches. I was very nearly guilted into buying a VERY expensive mattress for pops while I was pregnant because she might die otherwise (the jist of what she was saying) I didn’t buy it and although I felt guilty for a while I got over it. It wasn’t something I needed and It wasn’t something we’d even thought about buying. Even if something is a really good deal – ask yourself – DO I NEED IT? DO I WANT IT? take a little time away from the stall and go back later in the day.
Have you been to the baby show before?  What do you wish you knew before you went?


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