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When you go travelling with the kids do you have a bunch of travelling with kids essentials that you need to take with you?

Here are my 6 travelling with kids essentials

Headphones – I very rarely get to put music on when I’m travelling because I usually have the kids with me but when I do having a decent pair of headphones is a must! Not only for myself but for the other people around me because it can be so annoying. I prefer using bluetooth headphones so that there’s one less wire in my bag getting tangled up plus having bluetooth ones for the kids means you don’t have to worry about them having wires all over them.

travelling with kids essentials

Snacks / Drinks – This is SO important if you are travelling with kids. I always have snacks on us when we travel because it’s a great way to keep them going for that little bit longer. Make sure you start with the good good and leave the sweets to nearer the end when you need it most. Make sure there’s a toilet near by if you’re drinking loads. Nothing worse than getting stuck on a coach with a broken toilet when you’re desperate for a pee… Oh yeah getting stuck on a coach with a little one that needs one!

travelling with kids essentials

Comfy clothes / Shoes – Who wants to be squished in a seat wearing uncomfortable clothes for hours on end? I usually go for leggings and trainers and will put the kids in the same. If were driving and its night time I will sometimes leave them in their pjs.

Book / Mag – Whether you have a book, ebook or magazine having something to read will make the time go faster. You could even bring along some pens and a colouring / activity book to fill out. I always have to have a notebook with me on journeys so I can write about things that pop into my head.

travelling with kids essentials

Phone / Tablet – Music, TV, Internet etc etc. Is there anything you can’t use your phone for these days? Make sure you have your charger and you have unlimited distractions. A great option if you’re travelling somewhere with no wifi or if you have no data is to download the BBC I-player / netflix (or anything else you know that does this type of thing) and download episodes of yours and your kids favourite shows. You could even download podcasts!

WIPES – If you have ever travelled with your kids before you will know why.

What are your travelling with kids essentials?

travelling with kids essentials

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