Valentine’s Day gifts under £10 – for men.

Looking for Valentine’s Day gifts under £10 for the man in your life?


Here’s 5 ideas I hope can help;


Chocolate – when looking on the Thorntons site for the woman’s gifts I came across this trophy and thought it would be great to personalise with ‘best boyfriend/husband’ etc.

Selection Box (kind of) – a shoe box/nice present box full of their favourite sweets/ chocolates (this could suit any budget, just buy the amount for how much you want to spend)

I love my girlfriend T-shirt
– you could make a personalised tee with anything you want on eBay for a similar price but I saw this one and thought it was great. It’s probably not going to be something they wear all the time (although they should) but as a funny little Valentine’s gift it’s perfect.

Personalised Scratch CardsThese are amazing. You can have it say absolutely anything (naughty too) and even make losing ones (I would only buy losing ones because I’m mean haha)

Simplycook Box
– You seem to either get men that can’t cook at all or ones that think they’re the best chef in the world (is there an in between?) This Box comes with 4 meal spice kits and the dishes look amazing. To keep under the £10 you’d only order the one off trial Box. Use my referral and the box is only £1 (amazing!!!) if you’d rather not use that there’s a code you can get on the website to make it £4.50.

These are gift ideas I thought would suit most men (and probably some ladies too) so I hope it helps.


Let me know if you end up using any.


Until the next post,
Are and Pops.
You can get most of these items from different places, these are what I found from having a look online. If you use my personal referral code I get a box in return.

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