Valentine’s Day Lush products 2017.

We absolutely love Lush, as you may know but I’ve never thought about Valentine’s Day Lush products. I don’t know why.


I went in to store this week with KM (to buy her first Lush products) and saw a beautiful array of Valentine’s products.


Big budget? – Lots of Love gift box. £39.95

Looks like a box of chocolates and contains 7 of the Valentine’s range.

(Cupid, Lover lamp, Rose bombshell, Lovestruck,Prince charming, Love you lots & Love spell)

Perfect for people who love a Lush bath and those who haven’t given up on their resolutions yet and are still eating healthily!

There’s a few other gift boxes available too but if you prefer to get them individually here are my top picks;

Lovestruck – Bubblebar. £4.25

This cute little bubble bar is like the heart eye emoji (my third favourite after 😂🙈)

Two hearts beating as one – bath melt. £3.95

When the girl in the shop first showed me this I was so excited, I just assumed it would be 2 scents that mix to make and even better one. Both parts are the exact same but different colours which is a missed trick I think. They do smell nice still but I had higher hopes!


Unicorn horn – bubble bar. £4.25

A beautiful magical horn of colour, glitter and bubbles.
I can’t actually remember the smell (which probably means it’s up there with snow fairy/ rose jam in my opinion) but it’s so pretty! It turned the water a lovely shade of pink with a nice glittery shimmer. The colour would depend on what the most dominant colour of your horn is though.

Ladybird – bubble bar. £3.95

We’ve always called Pops Lilybug and love getting her ladybug/bird related things so this adorable bubble bar is perfect for our little lush lover.


What’s your favourite of the Valentine’s range? (You don’t have to choose from the ones I’ve put, check the others on the website)


Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

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