Ways to declutter your home – 5 easy tips.

Do you need ways to declutter your home? I know I do. Our house is full to the brim and we’ve just added a baby. Babys come with ALOT of stuff so it’s about time we declutter the stuff we no longer need.

From old electronics, to your child’s dated toys they no longer play with, to piles of books and magazines, there are so many things you can get rid of in your house that could help to earn you some extra pocket money.
So often, we all tidy up around the clutter, rather than taking time to consider what items aren’t needed anymore. These items tend to be the most visible in your living space, whether it be on the coffee table, shelving or the over-spilling cupboards that haven’t properly closed in the last year…

Here are five ways to help you declutter your humble abode:

1. Books, manuals, old travel guides and magazines

Let’s face it, once you have read a magazine, do you ever read it again? Instead of hoarding any books, guides or magazines, once you have given them a read, recycle or give them away for others to read. Get it out of your way by either giving them away to your friends and family, recycle or even consider giving them to your local hairdressers as they are always looking for magazines for their customers whilst waiting.

2. Remove excess furniture

Many people fall into the trap of buying too much furniture than they need, making living spaces feel cramped and a place for ‘rubbish’ to accumulate. From numerous magazines stacked on the coffee table, alongside your laptop, coffee cups, and anything else you might have that needs to be disposed of.
Instead, people could embrace the minimalist style. One quick search on Google or Pinterest will show you that the art of minimalism is all about simplicity; using white elements and cold lighting in a large space with a minimal number of objects and furniture. Create an inviting and clean space by selling any excess furniture and placing all so-called ‘rubbish’ in cupboards away from your eyeline.

3. Get rid of outdated electronics

Many of us keep hold of videos, cassette players and (what feels like) hundreds of old remote controls. Why do we do it? We might think it might end up being worth a lot as time goes on, however in most cases it simply isn’t worth it. So, if you want to make some money and declutter, electronics are very easy to recycle or make money from – just make sure you take out the hard drive before recycling any apple products, old laptops and computers!

The same goes for all our old phones that typically sit in a bag at the back of a cupboard, never to be used again. You may be wondering, “How to sell my smashed iphone as it’s likely to be worthless?” – this is where you’re wrong. Whether a phone is old, worn or broken, they are still worth something. A couple of pounds is better than nothing and taking up an abundance of space in your drawers.

4. Create a capsule wardrobe

It can be so easy for your wardrobe to become chaotic and disorganised, full of old clothes and shoes that don’t fit, or you don’t wear any more. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to have a clear out. Place everything you want to get rid of into a black bin liner and head to your local charity shop, or if you want some extra money, sell online via selling sites such as eBay, Gumtree, local social media selling groups or a popular option: Depop.
One way to avoid your wardrobe getting too cramped, is by creating a capsule wardrobe. Essentially, a capsule wardrobe keeps the number of clothes you have at a minimum, so you can easily mix-and-match together to create new outfits – no clothes get lost or forgotten.

5. Old makeup

One mistake many of us make is using old makeup when it is far past its best. Just like food, makeup actually has a use-by date which means you should throw out and replace all your makeup often. It is advised that for liquid products, replace every 6 months, however for non-liquid products, it is a year. Ideally, you should abide by these dates to ensure you get the most out of your makeup.
Next time you have some free time, go through your beauty products and ensure that all items you use on a regular basis are within the suggested guidelines, otherwise it is time for them to go in the bin. It may feel like a waste of money when you are throwing away a mascara that you spent half your wage on, but your skin will be thanking you in the long-run!

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