Week one in steps – Keep Active.

Being a stay at home parent and blogger, I find it difficult to stay motivated to get out and keep active. I’ve started to wear my fitbit and its making me more aware of how active (or not) I am.

I’m going to start a weekly feature where I track my steps and I would love for people to join, If you have a blog feel free to join the linky and if you don’t then let me know in the comments.

We can help keep each other motivated but remember it’s not a competition, we all have different lifestyles. Set your own goals and we can all work towards them together.

My week one in steps;

Monday –  8349 steps.

The sun was shining and I was in a clean the house mood (that mood doesn’t come out often) so Pop’s spent the morning in the garden while I tidied up a bit. After nap time we headed to the park to spend time with MD after he finished school.

Tuesday – 6477 steps.

We had a bit of a rough morning but then headed to the park with friends. Some play and a picnic and lots of sunshine!

Wednesday- 7799 steps.

We walked to Asda and Home Bargains and then headed to the park for a little while. My Fitbit actually ran out of battery before we left the park so it would have been a lot higher. Note to self.. remember to charge the night before!

Thursday – 7928 steps.

School day, dropped Pops and headed to the local Cafe to do some blog bits. We were going to go to the park after but it poured down!


Friday – 6477 steps.

We had a day at soft play with friends, the weather was still pretty rubbish. We ended the day by seeing the newly born FM (he’s so bloody adorable)

Saturday – 5896 steps.

I spent pretty much all of Saturday cleaning up, I realised I wasn’t wearing the Fitbit after lunch which was pretty annoying haha.

Sunday – 4106 steps.

We attended a blog soft play meet up with the lovely Kelly from Kellyallenwriter. A pretty pants walking day because we drove everywhere.


How do you like to keep active? Feel free to use our badge and join the linky below.

If you join be sure to tag me in your post on twitter (@arepopsblog)  so I can share your posts.

I will comment on each post included in the linky and ask you comment on mine and at least one other to help motivate others.

Keep Active


Until the next post,

Are and Pops.



  1. Ali Rost
    May 18, 2017 / 4:46 pm

    For me, the biggest challenge is simply making it out the front door. So I set a time everyday and no matter what I have my walking shoes on and make myself go. Once I get going, I’m always glad I did!

    • admin
      May 18, 2017 / 5:14 pm

      That’s a good idea… walking can be so relaxing if it’s nice out. X

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