Week two in steps – Keep Active.

Week two of our KEEP ACTIVE linky. Are you meeting your own goals?


My week two in steps;

Monday – 3468

The weather was pretty rubbish so we spent the day indoors. I managed to get some cleaning done but it was a pretty lazy day.

Tuesday – 4688

A pants weather day again, we went to the library and had some fun. I don’t know why we never go anymore (oh yeah she runs around being loud and it’s embarrassing)

Wednesday- 4663

We went to playgroup and i managed to get a bit of cleaning done.

Thursday – 14143

I thought I would take a walk to the shops while Pops was in school, turns out if forgot money and my card so o had to walk back home and go when I picked her up. (That’s why I did so much walking haha)

Friday – 5049

A play date and then little picnic by the castle. I hope I still get to see our friends as much when the kids go to different preschools.

Saturday – 9145

We went to the local fair! It wasn’t that big so we didn’t stay very long.

Sunday – 4310

To a pub for some lunch and did some shopping for camping supplies. We took the car so didn’t do a huge amount of walking.


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Keep Active


Im away for a few days so this linky will be open for 2 weeks!

Until the next post,

Are and Pops.


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  1. Margaret gallagher
    May 25, 2017 / 6:52 pm

    Wow that is a FABULOUS achievement
    Well done

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