Weight loss Wednesday – Week Seven.

Loss – 5.6lb (as of 02/12)

It has NOT been easy because all I’ve wanted was to snack. The weather is horrible and it’s almost Christmas but I can’t keep using things as an excuse anymore because there always seems to be something.

I’ve been having a smoothie in the morning for breakfast, it’s so much easier than just sitting there eating the fruit at that time of the morning (for me anyway) a soup or cup of soup for lunch and something ‘snacky’ after like cucumber or carrot (I sometimes had it with humus) then a normal dinner (honestly my portions are still to big but I’m working on it)

On the weekends I’m eating what I what but within reason, I’m not going crazy but I’m not restricting myself too much  (I don’t think I would stick at it if it was all diet all the time)

As well as all of that, I’m getting out and moving more. I won’t lie and say I’m doing loads of exercise because I’m not but I should and I will!

How was your week?

Until the next post,

Are and Pops.

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