Welsh Activity Sheet – At the Beach.

The next theme Pops will be learning about in her class is ‘at the beach’, with that in mind i’ve decided to prepare myself by looking up some beach themed words and translations. (This way I can be more helpful and supportive when she brings work home). I have made a few different beach themed activity sheets which I will be sharing on the blog over the next few weeks.

Today you can sign up to receive the beach word-match activity sheet (like the Easter printable). The instructions are in English because as a non Welsh speaking parent I find that much easier for me so I can explain to Pops what she needs to do. I hope that helps you too.

You can find the translations further down.

If you end up printing it out and using it then let me know how your little one gets on.

To save on waste you can put it inside a plastic sleeve and let your kids use a board marker so the sheet is reusable.

Saves you money and saves on paper wastage!


English – Welsh
Hat – Het
Ice Cream – Hufen ia
Deck chair – Cadair dec
Ball – Pel
Beach – Traeth
Sun – Haul

Welsh beach printable

If you have any other suggestions for printables then let me know.

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

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