What is the Welsh word for? – Common words in Welsh you may need to know.

Have you ever wondered ‘What’s the welsh word for…’ No? Well this can still help you!

Whether you live in Wales or you’ve met someone that speaks Welsh then having some Welsh under your belt wouldn’t be a bad thing. Who has time to learn a whole new language though?

Beautiful sunny day view of caerphilly castle with swan swimming in water.  welsh word for castle is castell

What is the Welsh word for…(FAMILY)

Mum – Mam

Dad – Tad

Grandad – Tadcu / Taid

Grandma – Mamgu / Nain

Sister – Chwaer

Brother – Brawd

What Animals are called in Welsh…

Sheep – Dafad

Dog – Ci

Cat – Cath

Cow – Buwch

Pig – Mochyn

What is the Welsh word for… (EMERGENCY SERVICES)

Police – Heddlu

Firefighter – Diffoddwr Tân

Hospital – Ysbyty

What is the Welsh word for… (TRANSPORT)

Bus – Bws

Train – Tren

Car – Car (In a Welsh accent)

Aeroplane – Awyren

Boat – Cwch

Conversational Welsh words –

Me – Fi

You – Ti

Where – Ble

When – Pryd

Why – Pam

No – Dim

Yes – Ydy

Good Morning – Bore Da

Good Night – Nos Da

Hello – Helo / S’mae

Thank you – Diolch

Please – Os gwelwch chi’n dda (Can you pronounce this one?)

Welcome – Croeso

What is the Welsh word for… (OTHER)

Microwave – Popty Ping (although it’s not the real word it will be understood)

Swim – Nofio

Wales – Cymru

Sun – Haul

Cuddle – Cwtch (although it means a bit more than a cuddle)

Love – Cariad

Two small children on a bench with Caerphilly castle in the background. one in a jean jacket and other dressed as a dragon.

Obviously there are so many more words out there and I will be adding more. Let me know what words you’ve ever wondered about!

Want to learn more Welsh?

Until the next post.

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