We’ve missed you.

We’ve had about a week off, not intentionally…


Pops and I took a last minute trip to London to see my dad (dede) and the morning after we got there pops decided to take my phone out of my pocket and try to get it back in… only for it to drop out and hit face down.

I’ve dropped my phone a fair few times and seeing as there was no smash I assumed all was fine, fast forward  10 minutes and a frustrating moment trying to text (half the screen unresponsive) I turned the phone off and when I turned it back on it was a blank screen. WAH!

Long story short it came back on (WOOHOO..NOT) as the day went on the screen slowly filled with ink.

Being at my dads the only replacement  phone I had was a Nokia 3310 (yes, really) so obviously I spent all week playing snake until my dad was amazing and generous and bought me a new phone (I think he just didn’t want us to break his 3310 haha)

So that’s the story, we’re back and have some great things coming up these next few weeks, including a competition or two!

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

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