What can you do with Zoflora?

I’m pretty new to the Zoflora movement, I’ve always seen it in the shop and wondered what it was used for or how to use it. There are also so many scents that you can’t have a sneaky sniff of (not that I recommended that) so I was a little overwhelmed and ended up going for something I was used to just in case I didn’t like the Zoflora.

If you’ve seen Mrs Hinch on Instagram (so overrated now) you’ll also be aware of how amazing she finds it and uses it for so many different things that leads me to the question. What can you do with Zoflora?

Clean your radiators –

Put some Zoflora on a cloth (neat or diluted depending on how strong you want the scent) and clean the radiator as you would normally. If you’re doing it in the winter then when you turn them on it’ll make the house smell amazing.

What can you do with Zoflora

Clean your cloths and sponges –

Soak your clothes and sponges in a mix of zoflora and water and not only will it leave them clean but it’ll make them smell great too.

Freshen up the washing –

When you have kids you tend to have to stick with the sensitive conditioner and they don’t usually have much of a scent so by adding a cap of your favourite Zoflora you get fresher smelling clothes. To clean the actual machine add a cap full to the drum and put on a hot wash!

What can you do with Zoflora

Nice smelling bin –

Add some neat Zoflora to some tissue or cotton wool and pop it under the bin bag. This works out so much cheaper than buying the actual bin fresh products. Think bigger and add it to your wheely bins too, although you’ll need to add a bit more for this.

Fresh vacuum –

Depending on the type you have you can either pop some on tissue and put it inside the bag or some people even add it onto their filter.. although I’m not sure how safe that is.

What can you do with Zoflora

Clean toilet brush –

You can put a cap or two of neat Zoflora in the bottle of your toilet brush holder to keep your loo smelling nice and It’s disinfectant so definitely needed on the toilet brush. Change the Zoflora regularly.

Surface cleaner –

The most simple use for Zoflora is to dilute it in some warm water into a clean empty spray bottle to use as a multi surface cleaner. It works out so much cheaper because you can fill multiple bottles for the same price as you’d pay for one.

That was 7 simple and quick uses for Zoflora the only question left is what scent do you choose?

What can you do with Zoflora? What are the best scents to get? Let me know in the comments.

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