An Introduction To Mumpreneurship. What is a Mumpreneur?

The concept of “mumpreneurship” is a relatively old-fashioned concept that has now been given a singular word. It’s pretty simple a “mumpreneur” is a mother who starts her own business – hardly a new innovation, given that mums have been starting their own enterprises for centuries.

However, modern “mumpreneurship” has blossomed in popularity over recent years. As the topic is discussed more frequently, more and more mums begin to wonder if such a venture might be right for them – so below, we thought it worth looking at the subject in a little more depth and highlighting what you can expect if you decide to give the idea a try.

Why has mumpreneurship become more common?

The influence of the internet on the rise of mumpreneurs is seen in three different ways. The first is simply access to information; as more and more mumpreneurs start their businesses, they talk about it online, and subsequently women are inspired to follow in their footsteps.
Secondly, the internet has also allowed for new types of businesses to arise – such as starting an ecommerce store, a business type that did not exist 30 years ago. Finally, the internet has also led to a rise in support services that can make mumpreneurship simpler; mumpreneurs can now seek advice on all aspects of their business, from marketing to managing finances, with relative ease thanks to the internet.

Why do mums choose to start businesses rather than looking for work?

Perhaps the most common reason is work-life balance. Mums want to be able to work from home or manage their own schedules, which is rare with standard jobs. If you can’t find a job that suits your life, create one by going into business for yourself.

How do mumpreneurs choose which type of business to start?

There are two common ways;

  • Previous experience. Mums will use their previous qualifications and experience to create a business. Consultancy is perhaps the most common example of this; if someone previously worked in retail management, they will start a business offering retail consultancy on a freelance basis.
  • New passion. Mums will seek to follow a new passion that is separate to their previous work experience; mums who have become interested in mum-friendly fitness for example will qualify as a personal trainer to help build an effective business.

Is mumpreneurship right for you?

There’s no way of knowing unless you give it a try. If you’re interested in the idea of starting your own business, then it is definitely worth exploring the idea further, especially if it’s something that doesn’t have an initial cost to set up. Being a ‘mumpreneur’ myself and starting Are Pops has been an amazing experience, it it also very hard work and time consuming though so setting yourself work hours that suit yours and your family’s needs are very important.

If you could start your dream business what would it look like?

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

**This is a collaborative post**

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