What I’ve been reading – The Trap.

​I’ve been reading a book called The Trap by author Melanie Raabe, I haven’t done a book review since I was a school so bear with me.

I’ve not managed to finish the book, it’s not easy when you have a toddler but it’s definitely been a book that kept me wanting to read more. I was a little nervous when I started because the book has been translated from German and I thought that may come across while reading and make it a little hard to follow. It was actually the opposite, it was such a nice pace and I found it flowed really well.

I found myself having to double back a few times but that’s because the story sort of jumps between present/past/future. I did get used to that though. 

The story itself is really interesting, it’s about a writer that experienced a tragedy and how it’s shaped her into this new person amongst other things. I won’t go too much into it in case I give anything away. 

I usually find it hard to just pick up a book and get into it (unless it’s some tween saga 😂)

I’m looking forward to reading the rest and watching the story unfold. I hope the ending has the impact that it seems to be leading up to. 

What type of books do you like to read?

Until the next post, 

Are and Pops.
I was sent a copy of the book for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.

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