Yoshi’s Crafted World at KidZania Westfield London.

We were invited along to visit Yoshi’s Crafted World at KidZania Westfield London this Easter holiday and given free entry to explore and see what was on offer. All opinions are our own.

Yoshi's Crafted World at KidZania Westfield London

What is KidZania?

An indoor city run by kids. This city is full of shops and activities for kids to learn and explore. KidZania is aimed for kids aged 4-14 and allows them to experience jobs from Dentist to Journalist and earn money called KidZos (which can be used in the shop at the end) all while having fun too.

What does it cost?

Adults 15 + – From £16 (I couldn’t see anything other than £16 so I think that’s the standard adult price)

Children (4-14) – From £19 (I couldn’t find many times or days any less than £21 and some were all the way up to £30)

Early Years (1-3) – £10

Infant (0-1) – Free.

The prices vary depending on days and sessions so you would need to choose the date and then see how much the sessions cost. Walk up tickets are more expensive so definitely book in advance if you can. £1.50 booking fee for both online and walk up.
Group and school ticket discounts available too.

Children’s tickets come with 50 KidZos and kids will have the opportunity to earn or spend as they go around.

What are KidZos?

Some places they can EARN;
Hotel – Housekeeping – +6 KidZos
Police Department – Officer – +8 KidZos
City Tour Bus – Tour Guide – +4 KidZos
Newspaper – Journalist – +8 KidZos

Some places they can SPEND;
Aviation Academy – Pilot – cost 10 KidZos
Music Studio – Music Student – cost 8 KidZos
WWE Academy – WWE Superstar – cost 4 KidZos
(or save the KidZos they earn and spend them in the shop at the end)

KidZania Westfield London

How was our visit?

When I first walked in I was VERY overwhelmed. I think we arrived about 1.30 / 2 PM and it was SO busy. We walked in and the first thing we saw was someone selling lanyards on a table which I decided not to buy (purely because I didn’t know why she would need one) only to spend the first 10 minutes with a grump and moaning 4 year old. We headed back to buy one (because I couldn’t be dealing with the stress) to be told they were £5.99. I couldn’t actually believe it. I know i’m a bit of a cheap skate but I found that WAY overpriced, I expected around £3. I will say it came in handy because it made sure Pops didn’t lose any of her KidZos and I saw quite a few kids dropping notes throughout the day. I also recommend getting your kids to sign up for a bank card once they’ve earned 75 KidZos. It has their name on and keeps their money safe at the same time.

KidZania Westfield London

If I would have taken Pops into the shop and she wanted the lanyard I think I wouldn’t have been so shocked and annoyed at the price but the fact that it was as you walk in the door I thought it was a bit much. It was too pushy and a bit out of order knowing its a kids place. Good marketing as they must have made so much more money but when you’re paying around £30 for each kid to get in I think the pushy sales tactics are not very nice. I would even wonder if they could add a returnable lanyard in the ticket price.

KidZania Westfield London

After we settled in and Pops started to go into the activities I quickly got the hang of it all. We started off at the Yoshi’s Crafted World bit where the kids got the opportunity to test out the new game on Nintendo Switch (I was only a little bit gutted I couldn’t play too) afterwards they were given their Easter egg hunt activity sheets.

KidZania Westfield London

This worked out well for us because as we went round to the other jobs we kept our eyes peeled for the letters. Once we had completed it and figured out the word we handed it back and Pops received a certificate and 10 KidZos.

Some of the wait times were crazy. We were told 40 minutes for the journalism one and with no way to book onto a time we were told Pops would have to wait in the line for the 40 minutes or come back later and risk not getting into the next session. I think they could do with a simple list where you can book a session and if you are not there at the time they give it away. There’s not many kids I know that would sit for that long for anything.

Definitely take advantage of activities with no line, we walked past the hotel and it was empty so Pops went straight in. We found later in the day (around 3.30 / 4 pm) was SO much quieter and she got to do about 2 / 3 activities for every 1 she did earlier in the day. I was speaking to one of the staff and she said it’s always a lot quieter at that time so if she brings her siblings she usually comes around 4.

KidZania Westfield London

What jobs / activities Pops got to try out;

Yoshi’s Crafted World
Radio Dj
Baby nurse
Supermarket (Her favourite, I think it was because it was the most simple and easy for her to understand)
Car wash
H&M recycling centre
Courier Service

A lot of those were after 3 and we managed to stay a little longer as the staff didn’t always check the wrist band. I wouldn’t bet on that though because I doubt that always happens. I think it was because it was so quiet.

KidZania Westfield London

What was the early years part like?

My mum took R to some of the things whilst I took Pops around and she wasn’t very impressed by them. I can’t really comment because I didn’t see any of it.

Would I go again?

Honestly, I think it’s pretty expensive for 4 hours and I don’t actually see the point in adults having to pay to go in because there’s not actually anything for us to do (unless you go on family sundays) BUT Pops loved it. I think most kids would love it and seeing her do so much on her own and learn new skills was pretty amazing. I think I would suggest taking kids around 6-9 years old because they would get the most out of it. Some of the activities needed kids to be able to read and write.

If I lived close by I would definitely consider getting an annual pass. £99 a year with 5 free adult tickets. Once kids turn 8 they can go in on their own too so if you’re doing some shopping in Westfield (or even just want a coffee in peace) then it is totally worth the money!

KidZania Westfield London

Have you ever been to KidZania? Would you recommend it?

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

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