Gift ideas for kids under £50. AD

You have a budget of £50 or less and want to know what you can get your little one? There’s actually SO many great gift ideas under £50 you’d be surprised.

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The first gift we let the kids have at Christmas is their Christmas eve box we fill them with things like DVDS, sweets, chocolate, Pjs and lots more little bits they can enjoy throughout the day on Christmas eve.

Do your kids like cookies? Why not get them a giant personalised one from Gift Pup – Add a message or their name. This would be a great gift for all ages!

It’s not for everyone but when I get the kids gifts for Christmas and Birthdays I like to make sure they get a mix of things they want and things they need. I love this Bento box and Egg mould. Boiled eggs are a firm favourite with Pops so she’ll love being able to make them into different shapes.

Scooter – Last year they built a skate park in our local park and Pops loves going to watch the older kids use it. Using scooters, bikes, skates and skateboards is a great way to get kids outdoors, doing exercise and having fun all at the same time.

Sylvanian families are such beautiful toys, each set is so detailed and well made and perfect toys to collect and grow with.

If your little ones are anything like mine then they love plastic cute collectibles like Blume, Lumies, LOL Dolls, Squeezimals, Nestlings and things like Lucky Fortune blind bag bracelets. You can’t really go wrong with one of these under the tree.

Marble runs are a great toy because it allows for creative play and combines basic learning skills with coordination and organizational skills.

If you have a hands on little inventor then the Rubber Band Racers are a great toy to get, It’s also a lovely way to spend some time together while you both put it together.

If your little one loves a bedtime story but you’re running out of room for books then the story cubes are a great option. Create unlimited stories at the throw of a dice

You can get both the Rubber band racers and Story Cubes from Bright Minds.

More great gift ideas under £50 –

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