What’s the best 2020 Planner?

Are you someone who loves to plan or someone (like me) who is looking to me more organised in 2020? There are so many planners out there but what is the best type of 2020 planner?

The affordable (basic) 2020 planner –

Places like Home Bargains, Poundland, The works and even Card Factory have some great simple options at a really affordable price. It’s a great option if you’re just getting into planning and trying to be more organised as it takes the pressure off that can come from buying a really fancy planner.

The positive / well being 2020 planner –

The first planner like this that I saw was The Happiness planner, when I first saw it there didn’t seem to be any out there but over the past few years they have grown in popularity and you can find so many incredible ones, I’ve even seen more basic ones with normal diary and positive quote pages which I love.

Online App planner –

There are so many different apps and online planner options it’s about looking at what they offer and which works best for you. Some you can get to send you reminders which is great if you’re forgetful and even link them to your other family members so you all know what’s going on.

Other sorts of planners –

Want to track your work/ family / travel / fitness or even a special occasion? There are so many options here are some of my favourites;

I’ve seen some really nice, affordable ones for weddings and fitness in Home Bargains so it’s worth looking in there too.

2020 planner accessories –

You can be as creative as you want (or don’t want) with a planner and there are so many little bits and bobs you can get to help make it a bit more fun and personal. Here are some ideas to get you started;

Don’t forget to check places like Poundland, The range and Home Bargains for these too!

Do you use a planner? What type do you find most useful?

Until the next post.

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